About us

POURAKHI Nepal (self-reliant), a pioneering organization of women migrant workers, was established in 2003 with the objectives of ensuring the rights of women migrant workers in the entire process (Pre-employment, pre-departure, employment stage, post arrival support programs) labor migration. It is member-based, human rights defender organization and run by returnee Nepali women migrants. This was begun by marginalized women for marginalized women. Since 2009, POURAKHI Nepal has established an emergency shelter home to respond to the immediate need of those women migrant workers who have been exploited and abused while at countries of employment. POURAKHI Nepal has started Paralegal Department to provide legal services, counseling and paralegal services to migrant workers and their family. In addition, POURAKHI Nepal has operated number of programs (awareness and orientation through radio program, hotline and community outreach program, information desk) Training: financial literacy, safe migration, entrepreneurship, psychosocial and gender inclusion, income generating, scholarship for child education, lobby and advocacy for policy, networking and capacity building, coordination and cooperation with concerned organizations.