Magna Meet, a word coined referring Magna Carta of 1215 AD in England, is a platform where more than 200 organizations across Nepal working in the area of Human Rights come together and collectively celebrate Human Rights Day. This day is celebrated by organizing various programs including inauguration and closing sessions, parallel and plenary sessions, exhibitions, rallies, documentary screenings, and social media campaigns among others.

Every year, 10th December, the date of adoption of UDHR in Nepal is celebrated with a unique concept of a mega event which is popularly known as the Human Rights Magna Meet’.

The event has been conducted since 2009 by different organizations and this year, keeping the tradition alive Pourakhi Nepal as the convener and Nepal Forum for the Restorative Justice as the co-convener is hosting the Human rights Magna meet marking the “74th Human Rights Day.’’

The main aim to celebrate this event is to gather all the human rights and peace practitioners and organizations on the same platform and explore different issues involved in human rights and come up with ideas for the effective practice of human rights.

Similarly, this event also pressurizes state actors, stakeholders including government bodies and political parties to meet their national and international human rights obligations, deepening democracy and strengthening the coordination and collaboration within the human rights organizations and between the Human Rights Organizations and others, including government agencies, INGOs and UN agencies.

Like in the past, several activities were carried out to make the 14th Human Rights National Magna Meet 2022 a success in terms of meeting its objectives. Following are the activities carried out as a part of the national magna meet to observe the 74th International Human Rights Day:

The magna meet started with the inauguration ceremony on 8 December 2022. Vice-president of Nepal Rt. Honorable Nanda Bahadur Pun was the chief guest of the inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, the convener of the 14th Human Rights National Magna Meet 2022 and strategic advisor of Pourakhi Nepal Ms Manju Gurung chaired the session.

More than 400 participants including representatives of all the commissions, army bands, police personnel, CSOs, students of different colleges and different government agencies joined the morning march. Led by the NHRC on 10 December 2022-marking International Human Rights Day, the morning march started from the Pradarsani Marga and ended in Ratnapark Shanti Vatika. On 12 December 2022, around 100 participants including organizers, representatives of CSOs, students of different colleges and volunteers of the mana meet walked from Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu to Basantpur Kathmandu calling for the right to freedom and justice.