Community-based Intervention for Enabling Mobilization of returnee migrant workers for their reintegration at Jhapa district of Nepal


The project aims to enhance employability of individuals who have returned to Nepal due to loss of opportunities (caused by the pandemic), in support of their economic reintegration. The specific outcomes of this project are as follows:

  1. Strengthened public and private sector dialogue to address labour market challenges facing returnee migrants.
  2. Improved capacities of relevant stakeholders at municipality level for registration of returnee migrants and their skills profiling.
  3. Improved labour market transition of returnee migrant workers through improving their access to basic employment services, especially vocational counselling, career advice and guidance, and job matching.

Improved employment of men and women returnees through up-skilling, re-skilling, skills certification and comprehensive post training support for those interested in self-employment


  • Career/Vocational Counselling to returnee migrants and Youths
  • Interaction program between Trade Unions and Returnee Migrants
  • Policy Dialogue with Local government
  • Interaction with CTEVT/NSTB and Returnee Migrants
  • Referral and Linkages Services


  • Project staffs were capacitated on conceptual understanding on project implementation strategies, vocational/Career Counselling, monitoring and evaluation of project activities through the ToT and virtual meetings during project implementation.
  • 371 returnees and young people (281 Male and 90 Female) benefited from 12 career/vocational counselling events throughout the implementation period of this project.
  • 275 (249 Male and 26 Female Migrants) benefitted from the interaction program with Trade Union and were aware on social security, labour law, union education and collective bargaining.
  • 58 returnee male migrants, 11 returnee women migrants along with project partners benefitted from the Interaction program with NSTB as the promotional activities for RPL and skill testing, specially focusing at migrant workers.
  • Three events of policy dialogue were organized in three municipalities in Jhapa during the implementation of this project. Three committees were established for the reintegration plan and policy in the municipalities of Shivasatakhsi, Kamal Rural, and Birtamod Municipality according to the criteria set forth by the government of Nepal.
  • The project beneficiaries were referred to the skill/vocational training providers for employment opportunities.