Mitigating Impact of COVID-19 on HIV Programs for Migrant Workers as ISPs in Nepal


POURAKHI Nepal had worked in two intended Outcome Areas that are;

Outcome Area 1: network strength and influence and

Outcome Area 2: access to services under this project.


  • Shelter Support to vulnerable returnee women migrants
  • Skill/Vocational trainings to the vulnerable returnee women migrants
  • Capacity building
  • Psycho Social support/care/Counseling


Key Achievements:

  • A total 54 Women migrant workers benefitted through emergency shelter home of POURAKHI Nepal who were rescued and brought back to their home country due to the Covid-19 pandemic and couldn’t immediately join their family due to several reasons.
  • POURAKHI Nepal has provided Psycho Social Counseling to 49 distressed women migrant workers during implementation of the project.
  • Trained 26 trainers and or community workers on Safe Migration in terms of Channels used, Health & HIV and legal helping channels.
  • Trained Coalition members (10 partner organizations) on HIV financing and advocacy for the health rights of Migrant Workers.
  • 15 vulnerable returnee women migrant benefitted from vocational/skill trainings as alternative livelihood support.