Prevention & Advocacy on Migrant’s HIV Issues, Enhancing Access to Health Services and Promoting HIV Positive Migrant’s Rights in Asia

POURAKHI Nepal had worked in two intended Outcome Areas that are;

Outcome Area 1: network strength and influence and

Outcome Area 2: access to services under this project.

Major Activities:

  • Awareness Rising
  • Capacity building
  • Service Mapping

Key Achievements:

•       Capacity building among 55 leaders of Entertainment sectors, sex workers and sexual minority community on the law, rights and entitlements, information on how to access legal aid and access to services, resources focusing on SRHR, HIV/AIDs.

•       Sensitized 750+ aspirant migrant workers in coordination with Recruitment agencies on Occupational Safety, helping agencies, HIV-Related Vulnerabilities and preventative measures prior their departure.

•       Improved Knowledge about HIV/Aids Prevention and testing methods among the CSOs/NGOs representatives.

•       Improved communication and discussion about HIV/AIDS concerns between migrants workers and community workers.

•       Increase access to referral services & better attitudes towards PLHIV.

•       Understanding of the heath rights of migrants and entitlements among the migrants community and their spouses.

•       Strengthened organizational understanding and building stronger collectives on migrant’s health and HIV related issues that resulted to influence to the activists, policymakers and key stakeholders to centres migrant’s health rights and policy programming that addresses the issues related HIV/AIDS.

Increased migrant workers’ access to health care including access to testing, treatment and access on the psychosocial counselling to the migrant workers and their families