Promotion of Fair & Ethical Recruitment Practices in Nepal

POURAKHI Nepal in coordination with Hartalega NGC Sdn. Bhd implemented a project entitled Promotion of Fair & Ethical Recruitment Practices in Nepal to observe the deceptive and coercive practices during the recruitment process and violations of fundamental principles and rights at work, as well as other human and labour rights, brought about through increased safe migration options.

The aims of the project were based on two-pronged objectives were observe fair recruitment practices to prevent exploitation of migrant workers in recruitment process and to provide migrant workers with access to reliable information and improved services. POURAKHI Nepal has observed the process of recruitment agencies on the processing of the hiring based on the Hartalega NGC Sdn. Bhd rules, requirements and the ILO standards on fair recruitment.

Key Achievement: 

POURAKHI Nepal has observed the recruitment process of at least 750 Nepalese workers in two recruitment agencies within May-October 2022 on the behalf of a Malaysian Company. Based on the observation, POURAKHI Nepal has submitted a detail report on the ethical recruitment practices to the donor agencies.