Research on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for Migrants in Nepal

The objective of the research is to identify the focused areas of immediate funding and urgent needs related to migrant’s health issues at national level.

Major Activities:

Literature review: An examination of the existing policies, legal frameworks and mechanisms governing the migration of health workers from Nepal was conducted.

Mapping of stakeholders and institutions: A mapping was done of the formal and informal institutions and organizations associated with the migration and health sectors in Nepal.

Interviews: Interviews were conducted with a variety of stakeholders who are well known on the dynamics behind the migration and health, with a particular focus on the UHC. Interviews were conducted with CSOs representatives, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders who are working in the migration and health rights of migrant workers.


Labour emigrants’ health rights are not addressed, which makes migrants and their families vulnerable to STDs like HIV/AIDS, opportunistic infections and they were severely affected due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Inequity in access to healthcare is still a major barrier for labour migrants in migrant workers’ (MWs) sending and receiving countries in Asia due to discriminatory health policies, non-recognition of labour migrant’s health rights, fragmented health systems, insufficient resources and an insufficient awareness level on utilization of available health services which are main factors hindering access to health services for MWs and Universal Health Coverage.  HIV & AIDS policy in MW’s sending countries in South-Asia does not recognize migrants as a key population thus, their health vulnerabilities are neglected largely. Therefore, there is need for focusing on influencing political representatives, government officials and agencies to reduce health inequities and stewarding a health and equity in all policies, programs, services and information measures to safeguard the health rights and inclusion of labour migrants in sending, and receiving countries.