Study/Rapid Assessment in Malaysia: Request for Proposal (RFP)

POURAKHI Nepal (An Organization of Returnee women migrant workers) was established in 2003 with the objective of ensuring the right of women migrant workers in the entire process of foreign labor migration; namely through pre-employment, pre-departure, employment and post arrival support programs. Advocacy at policy level and policy reformation are also major focus. Currently POURAKHI has been implementing a project entitled “Minimization of unsafe and forced migration of vulnerable women and men in Kathmandu District of Nepal and promotion of migrant’s rights in Nepal since 2012 in partnership with AWO International. As per different sources, it was realized that Nepalese migrants are in difficult situation in MALAYSIA. To capture the current status and position of Nepalese migrant’s workers and types of Major difficulties they are facing that needs to dialogue with Government of Nepal to ensure the rights of Migrant workers also in the country of destination. For this, there is need to organize short duration study/Rapid Assessment to Nepalese migrant workers in Malaysia. For Detail Information Visit TOR Interested Individual/organization/Firm is requested to submit Proposal till 25th September, 2018 to the proposal must include Concept, Methodology, and Budget along with biodata. Proposed Budget breakdown should be outlined in Nepalese rupees. Maximum three people shall engaged in study/Rapid Assessment Team. Out of that, one Government representative name will be recommended by POURAKHI Nepal but the individual/organization/Firm will proposed for all three person budget under proposed Budget Breakdown. Only shortlisted Individual/organization/firm will be informed and consulted for Detail agreement. POURAKHI Nepal reserves the rights to accept or reject the proposal as per need and requirements.