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Supporting and strengthening civil society’s response in providing assistance to migrant worker populations impacted by COVID-19 in destination and origin countries

The project aims to support migrant workers and their family members impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, who will receive support to mitigate longer-term socio-economic impact and enhance migrant-resilience through civil society organizations and assistance to migrant workers and their families with strengthen capacity and knowledge sharing among MFA members.

POURAKHI Nepal, PNCC and People Forum (MFA Members in Nepal) are directly engaged in the implementation of this project intervention in Nepal. However, the National Network for Safe Migration, AMKAS and other MFA members were the collaborating partners in identifying the project beneficiaries and providing technical support for the effective delivery of project activities. The major activities under this project to provide humanitarian support in the following ;

  1. Food
  2. Emergency accommodation (shelter)
  3. Medical cost
  4. Psycho-social support cost
  5. Transportation cost for seeking remedy of any harms

In a case of women migrant workers cost related to mortality and post-natal care

All together 246 beneficiaries (Migrant workers and their family members affected by COVID-19 and in line with the selection criteria) are benefitted from humanitarian assistance supported by MFA.