Newsletter: January 2021

POURAKHI Nepal’s Initiatives


We are happy to share you the monthly updates of Pourakhi Nepal. We thank you for your every support to make this successful month.

Pourakhi Nepal does whatever it takes to Create an enabling environment where Nepalese women migrant workers enjoy their rights and focus on the rights of women migrant workers during the entire phase of foreign labor migration through the process of information counseling, advocacy and empowerment.

Sincerely, Pourakhi Team

Highlight of the month

-FGD with returnee migrant women in Tarakshwor Municipality, Dakchhinkali Municipality at Kathmandu

– Community Awareness in Dolakha

Information Dissemination in Chitawan

FGD with returnee women

POURAKHI Nepal conducted focus group discussion (FGD) with returnee women migrant worker at Futung cluster at Tarakshwor Municipality, Kathmandu on 12 January, 2021 among 9 returnee women migrant workers.

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We also conducted Focus Group Discussion at Dakchhinkali cluster with returnee women migrants on 15 January 2021 with 10 returnee women. This program was facilitated by Manju Gurung.

Focus Group Discussion with Returnee Women Migrant Workers in Kathmandu

Focus group discussion (FGD), an interactive discussion was organized with women migrant workers who returned Nepal during Covid-19 pandemic.

This FGD was organized as part of research about returnee women migrant worker. Focus group discussion was conducted among 10 returnee migrant women. During the FGD the women shared their stories from departure to arrival and after returning to home countries.

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Community Awareness in Dolakha

Five community orientation events on gender, equality and value of women’s work and safe labor migration was conducted during the month of January 2021 at Dolakha district. In community orientation, a total of 90 females and 16 males were participated. The events were organizing in Bhimeshwor, Bigu, Jiri and Kalinchowk of Dolakha. For more:

Information Dissemination in Chitawan

Pourakhi Nepal’s chitwan team provided MRC at District Administrative Office, Chitwan in January 2021.

In total 65 (Male: 41 and Female: 24) migrants benefitted the services of MRC, Chitwan. For more

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