Electric Rickshaw (e-rickshaw) Services by Excluded Women for Women

POURAKHI Nepal is implementing a pilot project “Electric Rickshaw (e-rickshaw) Services by Excluded Women for Women” which an innovative business model for excluded women by introducing e-rickshaw service by women for women. This project is supported by UN Women. POURAKHI Nepal is enthusiastic to support marginalized women migrant workers to break into the male-dominated field of e-rickshaw driving. E-Rickshaw driving training is a cutting-edge solution with several added benefits for Nepal. First, among the many secondary beneficiaries will be the female passengers, who currently suffer from a greater risk of sexual harassment in public transport-a risk that limits many women’s freedom of mobility, decent employment in opportunities, and access to education. In addition, we will work with e-rickshaws that harness the power of green energy in order to benefit all of Nepal through reduced air pollution and greater fuel efficiency.