Welcome to POURAKHI Nepal

POURAKHI Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit social organization.  We work with Nepalese women migrant workers (WMWs) and their families to sensitize them of their rights to take informed choices in the entire cycle of migration, i.e., Pre-Departure, Immigration, Employment stage at the country of destination, and Post arrival to the country of origin.

POURAKHI Nepal facilitates and provides information, advice and counseling, policy advocacy, capacity building of WMWs and other stakeholders regarding migration cycle and rights of WMWs, entrepreneurial and psychosocial trainings to support social and economic empowerment of WMWs, and reintegration support to the potential, current and returnee women migrants. We have been playing an active role in making the domestic and foreign labor migration a safe, orderly, regular, and decent through coordination and collaboration with concerned government, non-government, and private sector stakeholders.